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Trumpgate 28th May to 6th June 2017

How social media reported Trumpgate as it happened

6th June 2017: Trump Tweettacks London Mayor
It's A Travel Ban After All

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the president's Tweets

This is a great video from CNN, but it is not an official video so could be removed at any time. A President Trump spokesman is effectively saying that the media should not obsess about the president's Tweets...

Twitter hashtags added to the collection at When the New York Times reported that the UK was 'reeling' after the terror attacks, this happened on Twitter... #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling

2nd June 2017: Trump Withdraws From Paris Accord
Another Win For Russia?

Did Trump intend to ease Russian sanctions earlier? MSNBC says yes

1st June 2017: Trump set to return compounds taken from
Russians for spying by Obama in December 2016

The Washington Post Reports: Trump administration moves to return Russian compounds in Maryland and New York (link)

MSNBC sums up today's developments...

31st May 2017: Trump Cutting A Lonely Figure?
Jared Kushner Could Be Back In NY Later This Year

Jared Kushner is alleged to have tried to set a sort of 'back channel' up with the Russians. But it has been done in a way that looks like he was trying to evade monitoring by US intelligence services. MSNBC reports

30th May 2017: Allegation: (MSNBC) Jared Kushner Set
Up Back Channels With Russians To Get Loans

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