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Trumpgate 6th June to 12th June 2017

How social media reported Trumpgate as it happened

21st June 2017: President Donald Trump
Has Delegated His Commander In Chief Role

This from MSNBC. Disturbing news that President Trump is not calling the shots, and decisions on military engagements are being taken without him being involved.

15th June 2017: President Donald Trump Is Being,
Investigated For Obstruction Of Justice

Washington Post report: President Trump is under investigation (click to go to story)

Donald Trump tweeted:

14th June 2017: Jeff Sessions Testimony,
Late Night Response

Stephen Colbert has his say

Seth Meyers takes a Closer Look

13th June 2017: James Comey Fallout,
Donald Trump In Charge

Seth Meyers sums it all up on 12th June 2017

8th June 2017: The Day Before Comey's Testimony
Late Night Views

Stephen Colbert has read James Comey's Opening Statement, published 7th June before his live testimony

Seth Meyers takes a closer look too

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