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Trumpgate 20th to 28th May 2017

How social media reported Trumpgate as it happened

26th May 2017: CIA Expert Discusses Back Channels
Jared Kushner Allegedly Set Up With Russians

Jared Kushner's position at the White House comes into the spotlight

28th May 2017: A Couple Of Good BBC
Reports On Donald Trump

Trump flips the bird...

Did Russia help elect Trump? - BBC Newsnight

Donald Trump's business links to the mob - BBC Newsnight

25th May 2017: Donald Trump's
First Budget And Trip

POTUS manhandles the head of NATO to get to the front for a photo...


Seth Meyers asks if Candidate Trump would get on with President Trump...

Stephen Colbert discusses a $2 trillion error in the proposed Trump budget...

23rd May 2017: Donald Trump's
First International Trip, As Chaos Continues Back Home

Jimmy Kimmel

Rachel Maddow is a guest on the Stephen Colbert Late Show.

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