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It Seems To Me: 20th May 2017
Donald Trump: Is Donald Just Being Donald?

So, the most successful market economy in the world, the USA, elects to be president a, seemingly, very successful businessman.

Why hadn't they done it before? A successful businessmen in charge of the biggest economy in the world? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, 120 days into his presidency it looks like we can all now see the problem.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he seems to be running the White House like his own business.

Example: the firing of James Comey.

Inside the White House the head of FBI isn't head of your company's security. Trump reportedly asked FBI head Comey for his loyalty. The loyalty of the head of the FBI is ultimately to the people of the USA, albeit serving at the pleasure of the president. No head of the FBI can give that assurance.

But Trump asking the head of his own company's security for his loyalty is exactly what you would expect to hear from the billionaire head of a property company to his head of security. A firing would obviously occur if the head of security says anything other than yes.

So when Comey doesn't give him his loyalty Trump sacks him.

And then he berates him, calling him a "nut job".

Not presidential language. But property billionaire language no doubt.

So that's the problem. Donald Trump is just running the White House like he ran his successful business.

20th May 2017

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