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Evidence Trump Delayed Comey's Sacking
Because He Thought Name Pronounced 'Commie'

Secret recordings heard by a person emailing this newspaper anonymously reveals that Donald Trump was told FBI Director James Comey's surname was pronounced 'Commie' in the early days of his presidency, in the latest shocking twist to this latest development.

This would explain why President Trump didn't dismiss FBI director James Comey immediately he came to power, as he assumed he was actually a Communist agent.

Had director James Comey been a secret Russian Communist agent it would be reasonable to assume that he would have changed the pronunciation of his surname as part of his subterfuge, according to a popular 1950s cold war pulp fiction novelist's son who had spoken to his Alzheimer's ridden father in an old people's home to confirm the story.

A Commie was a term widely used for Russian Communists in America during the Cold War.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump with big black mic

Spellings specialists, who have analysed the words 'Comey' and 'Commie', admit that there are striking similarities to the two words and are easily pronounced the same way by people.

James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey with smaller black mic

The #Watergate2 continues.

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