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Donald Trump: "Free Rooms In Trump Hotels For Everybody This President's Day"

Donald trump - Official Portrait - public domain

Donald Trump has offered voters the chance to stay at any of his hotels for free this President's Day, according to a person on Twitter this morning.

The president said: "It is a beautiful offer. Everyone is invited. I mean everybody. But as you can imagine this is going to be a popular offer. A beautiful offer. But it's first come first served. But just phone up and you can stay at any of my hotels for nothing on Presidents Day, 20th February. Just phone up the hotel you want to stay in and ask them for the President's Day offer. It'll be fantastic."

Kellyanne Conway is believed to have already booked a stay on President's Day at the Trump Hotel at Bowling Green.

A reader told this newspaper: "This is an amazing offer and I am about to phone up to claim my free room. It's such a shame it's only for one day though. I would like to live for free forever in Trump International Hotels. I could live off selling the free dressing gowns, soap and shampoo."

Trump Tower New york has not been able to book a room itself because the phone lines are busy.

Image of Trump Tower, above: By Ingfbruno (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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