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Donald Trump Was Pulling Generic 'Love Making Face' When Mocking Disabled Reporter

Donald Trump pulled the same face he used while mocking a disabled reporter when joking about having sex in a conversation with men in a locker room in 2013, according to a man close to the microphone. "This proves that he uses the same mocking tone to everybody, including himself when having sex" Kellyanne Conway told her Fox and Friends audience.

Video of the president-elect, heard claiming: "Uh uh uh, I'm coming I'm coming," while using a similar arm and face movement in the video, below, has been seen widely across social media.

This ties in with Kellyanne Conway's claims that the president-elect wasn't mocking a disabled reporter at all but always used that face and arm movement to mock other people, including his own attempts at love making.

In other Tweets, Donald Trump criticised Hollywood for not mocking Eddie Redmayne who did an impersonation of Stephen Hawking in the movie The Theory Of Everything, claiming that the actor could walk unaided and didn't need a wheelchair in the first place.

In another tweet, his 467th of the day, Trump claimed his impersonation of the disabled reporter didn't look like the disabled reporter anyway due to the flappy skin under his chin. (The reporter in question is slim.)

Meanwhile, in real world satire:

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