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19th November 2016

1) The Grand Tour, the Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond Amazon version of Top Gear is widely applauded by everyone apart from Will Gompertz of the BBC (who still has Top Gear) who said "The cheesy smiles are not a set-up to a joke, but a precursor to them taking to the stage in the manner of rock stars on tour. A huge crowd of cheering fans has amassed at their feet. There is no irony. It feels uncomfortably hubristic." He's wrong. The Amazon show is like a movie version of the old Top Gear, it's awesome.

2) Mike Pence was booed by the audience at performance of Hamilton, and then spoken to from the stage after curtain call by one of the players...

3) Bill Burr: One of the world's current voices of reason. (Thank you Joe Rogan for introducing us to him a few months ago on your podcast).

4) Viral Mannequin Video Of The Day

5) And finally... Simon Cowell is finally really taking the p***s

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