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I caught my chicken sleeping on the job

14th June, 2016
Angry Man
Jessie Krufts, Questioner
"Do eggs come out the right way if the chicken lays like that? This video asks more questions than it answers.."
Shocked Man
Harry Zonderblurb, Had Youtube Account Suspended
"It's only a matter of time until YouTube remove this video of you prodding your cock, mister."

Muscly Man
Kent Rugby, Media Consultant
"That superstar chicken is probably Ellen bound even as I type this."
Older Man
Fred Flunkee, Hen Rights Campaigner
"You could have woken it up with a cup of tea. So impersonal."
Strange Man
Jimmy Popper, Satire Correspondent, CNN
"I am eggstatic it's not dead. Geddit?"