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What Came First: The Chicken Or The Egg?
Answer: The Egg


The first chicken came from an egg laid by what came before the chicken one step before it in evolutionary terms.

So the question 'what came first' is confusing because the first chicken came from an egg, but that egg was laid by something that was not yet a chicken.

The evolutionary line from which the first chicken came has always laid eggs that hatched outside their body (they probably evolved from fish that laid their eggs outside their body in the oceans).

So when you tell someone 'the egg' and they say 'Well where did that come from?' you can say: "The first chicken came from an egg laid by the animal that came before the chicken in it's evolutionary line."

So now we have cleared that old chestnut up, here are some public domain pictures of cute little chickies.

chick 1

chick 2

chick 3

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15th December 2016

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