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Video Of The Day - We Have Our Say: GoPro - That Oh S*** Moment

August 19, 2014
Angry Man
Jessie Krufts, Hates The Ice Bucket Challenge
"The bear was probably running away from the ice bucket craze. Well done little one."
Shocked Man
Harry Zonderblurb, Counselor
"Sheesh. I was hoping to see a bear on a bicycle."
Muscly Man
Kent Rugby, Prime Minister
"Was that bear wearing a top hat?"
Older Man
Fred Flunkee, Dog Catcher
"As a former bear wrestler my tip is: bears are useless at climbing up ladders in a ladder match."
Strange Man
Jimmy Popper, Cartoon Aficionado

"Had he kept biking and the mother bear jumped on behind it would have been like a scene from the Hair Bear Bunch... 1970s Cartoon Kudos."

Hair Bear Bunch