27 August 2013
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: I Went Into... Kestrel

Bird Head
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Jessie Krufts Nostalgia Buff

"The Muppet Show has really gone downhill."

Shocked Man
Harry Zonderblurb, Cat Trainer

"Big deal - so you got your pet kestrel to fly down onto your head, buster? My cat can meow the national anthem with his mouth closed but you don't hear me going on about it."


Kent Rugby, Anger Manager

"Oh, I was expecting it to fly over, take the camera up high, have a poop and then drop the camera at the same time so we saw the poop hit the guy's head."

Old Gipper
Fred Flunkee, Dog Owner

"Thank heavens dogs can't fly."

Ape Man

Jimmy McNuggets, Counselor

"I can't deny it, the thought of a bird's hot claws on my head is really erotic."

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