27 June 2013
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Cheer Up!
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Concerned Citizen
Jessie Krugerrand, Ice Creamatist

"Well, that ice cream just makes me angry. Don't they have a bigger cone? Doh!"

Shocked Man
Harry Zonderblurb, Pepper Grinder

"Ice cream down your arm as it melts before you get to eat it? Making your sleeve go all ice creamy? Horrible. Are you trying to cheer me up or not?"


Kent Rugby, Shirtless Cinema Usher

"Oh yes, a big humongous ice cream - do you want me to look like a shaved panda?"

Old Gipper
Fred Flunkee, Old Peoples Home Resident

"I never talk to new people who can't hear when I talk in a normal voice. I'm not shouting to make new friends."

Ape Man

Jimmy McNuggets, Monarchist

"But walking up and down outside Buckingham Palace wearing a Busby Hat is just soooo cool."

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