25 June 2013
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Florida Aerialist Nik Wallenda

Don't Look Down
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Concerned Citizen
Jessie Krugerrand, Cake Maker

"If he doesn't have a parachute hidden beneath his shirt there's hope for pie eaters everywhere."

Shocked Man
Harry Zonderblurb, Disasterologist

"I would have just loved it had someone been coming the other way."


Kent Rugby, Shirtless Blue Sky Movie Plotter

"Idea for Fast And The Furious 12: Vin Diesel runs across a high wire in the Grand Canyon while being chased by the cops from behind, while being shot at by cops in helicopter to the side, but Vin has a bazooka and he fires back at the helicopter sending it crashing to the ground in flames..."

Old Gipper
Fred Flunkee, Just Got His First Cell Phone

"You should be able to get a good signal up there with that aerial."

Ape Man

Jimmy McNuggets, Scared Of Weather Forecasters

"I felt dizzy when the weatherman started talking."

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