3 June 2013
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: RT Life: Michael Chugs BBQ Sauce

BBQ Chug
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Concerned Citizen
Jessie Krugerrand, Loves A Challenge

"Bet he can't chug BBQ sauce and squirty cream at the same time while singing the national anthem."

Shocked Man
Harry Zonderblurb, Richard Nixon Is Innocent Campaigner

"Did I mishear at the end? Someone's been drawing Richard Nixon on dollars? It's about time he got some recognition."


Kent Rugby, Shirtless Spender

"So that's who's been drawing those dicks on my dollars."

Old Gipper
Fred Flunkee, Law Firm Administrator

"Defacing currency is a federal offence but only if the person who has them tries to spend it. It's a nice homoerotic legal Catch 22."

Ape Man

Jimmy McNuggets, Knows A Business Deal When He Sees One

"I collect currency with penis's drawn on them. I pay 10c to the dollar."

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