19 March 2013
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Cyprus Woes

Financial crisis, Cyprus: Cheers! You join me here sitting in a bar in Cyprus only feet away from an entrance to a branch of the Bank of Cyprus two doors down the street, with only my fourth beer in front of me.

As I look out over all of my money, in a blue holdall bag sitting to my right hand, I can see a bar filled with Cypriots all concerned that they are about to have money taken from their savings account by the government to pay off the national debt.

Not surprisingly, only the drinkers who don't have any savings in banks, or who keep their savings under their mattress, are the only ones looking cheerful in a schadenfreudian kind'a way today. Indeed, a number of the normally cautious Cypriot savers are out and shouting at any television camera they come across even as I sip, some of them have even written NO onto the palms of their hands and are showing them to the watching world.

The news is being announced on the television in the bar right now that the government is to vote later today (Tuesday) on whether to agree to steal money from account holders in what could turn out to be the most boring bank heist since Eddie Murphy's Metro from 1997 that only gets 5.3 on IMDB and isn't even mentioned on

I'll keep you informed of further developments from here on what is a bank holiday again today after the bank holiday Monday. But for now it's back to the news desk for the last three inches of news:

Music: David Bowie's new album is at number one in the album chart in the UK, but tie-in makeup kit fails to get in to the top 20

Economy: A triple dip recession in Britain to be celebrated by Ben and Jerry's launch of a Triple Dipple flavor, according to website

Naughty words: NBC slammed by authorities for repeatedly missaying Fukushima in a way that it sounded like they were saying the f word in broadcasts over a two week period 2 years ago.

Weather: Hot and sunny, peppered with the occasional shower throughout the world today apart from in the Yemen which will wake up to fog this morning.

"Your world as it breaks, 7 inches at a time."

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