5 Feb 2013
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Fast And The Furious 6 Trailer

Sixth Gear
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Freddy Krugerbum, Flower Shop Owner

"Good to see someone is recycling some of the props from the Batman movies. (An explodey movie doesn't have to mean hurting the environment.)"

Shocked Man
Harry Zonderplumb, Fruit Smoothie Entrepreneur

"Day-em who put that boorring date in there? That's one second of exploding time lost forever."


Kent Ruggerbug, Fitness Model

"Everything apart from an exploding kitchen sink."

Old Gipper
Fred Flintstone, Reality TV Show Counselor

"I was hoping to see The Rock bring down that plane with a flying clothesline. Why don't they ever let him use his awesome professional wrestling skills?"

Ape Man

Jimmy Nuggets, Muppet Puppeteer Stunt Coordinator

"So for the 7th film they have already made the bit at the front saying what happened last time on Fast And The Furious. Time saved is money in the bank."

BONUS: Fast & Furious 6 - Extended First Look

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