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Video Of The Day - We Have Our Say: People Are Awesome 2013

January 25, 2013
Angry Man
Perry Shrapnel, Awesomeness Cynic
"These must be the outtakes from the People Are Really Stupid video."
Shocked Man
Jamie Jamies, Squirrel Lover
"How did I get here? I clicked on Squirrels Are Awesome."
Muscly Man
Duncan Apple, Ice Cream Eater
"I feel like my eyes have just eaten a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's. No advertising intended."
Older Man
Barry Bones, School Caretaker
"At first I spilled my porridge down my front then half way through I thought what the hell and poured the rest down. Would anybody like to see me try to do a head stand on my walking stick again?"
Strange Man
Harold Jones, Mini Novelist
"I feel the term awesome is over used, but until they come up with a cure for AIDS this video will have to do."