Jan 18, 2013
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Live Action, Full Length, Toy Story

Doll Drama
Just in case this is removed due to copyright violation. A user has done a scene by scene recreation of the first Toy Story movie using the puppets you can buy in shops. The soundtrack is from the movie, the images are the dolls as puppets. Remarkable.
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Concerned Citizen
Perry Shrapnel, Juice Maker (citrus fruits)

"I do hope the Oprah vs Lance Armstrong interview is next to get this treatment. Lance Armstrong would make a great doll and his close ups would be much more expressive than the real thing."

Shocked Man
Jamie Jamies, Cyclist

"Now I see what my sports teacher meant when he told me that I ran like a puppet."


Duncan Apple, Shirtless Puppeteer

"It's like a Disney Thunderbirds."

Old Gipper
Barry Bones, Alcohol Adviser

"Woody looks drunk."

Ape Man

Harold Jones, Unemployed

"Where was the copyright notice at the beginning of the DVD? That's my favorite part."

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