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Video Of The Day - We Have Our Say: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Trailer

January 11, 2013
Angry Man
Perry Shrapnel, Interior Decorator, LAPD
"0:27 I would've expected chainsaw marks in the walls and furniture. Man, he's good."
Shocked Man
Jamie Jamies, Secret Santa
"0:45 Is he hiding in the badly concealed secret bathroom? Man, he's good."

Muscly Man
Duncan Apple, Shirtless 24/7
"1:50 That's no way to treat a hot shirtless guy."
Older Man
Barry Bones, Chainsaw Historian
"You can't run for any distance with a going chainsaw and have any strength in your arms when you catch someone. I want my ticket money back."
Strange Man
Harold Jones, Campaigner
"Chainsaws don't kill people the BP gas in them does."