Jan 7, 2013
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: New Evil Dead Trailer

Screaming To Make It Better
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Perry Shrapnel, Horror Historian

"1:09: I like to see they went for the red vomit, to avoid any copyright claim from the green vomit Exorcist people."

Shocked Man
Jamie Jamies, Scared

"Were you trying to do me, cheeky? Honey, you got the mouth right and the eyes right but what happened to the hair?"

Chainsaw 3D thum"


Duncan Apple, Dog Owner

"Is it normal for a dog to scream uncontrollably at the trailer? I will have to take his 3D glasses off him if this continues."

Old Gipper
Barry Bones, Contact Lens Wearer

"The bit where the contact lens gets stuck is scary enough for me."

Ape Man

Harold Jones, Creepy Guy

"Insert spooky sounding Latin here..."

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