Dec 04, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: How To Kill A Mustache

Mustache Mayhem
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Percy Nuggets, Hirsute Maestro
Percy Nuggets, Hirsute Maestro

"The trouble with these How To... videos is that they don't show you the really tricky cases."

Brian Clapper, Moustache Stylist
Brian Clapper, Moustache Stylist

"You even look at my moustache the wrong way I keel you."

Jim Jimmo, Moustache Curler

Jim Jimmo, Moustache Curler


Old Gipper
Barry Golightly, Anger Assistant Manager

"I lost control of my facial hair about ten years ago. This is the most interesting development in facial hair combat I have ever seen in my life. To tell you the truth, I'm weepy."

Ape Man

Gared Burt, Dumb Waiter

"OK so I killed the mustache, what do I do about the sideburns? Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!"

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