Oct 16, 2012
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Video Of The Day Pick Your Favorite Picture: VP Debate Songified

Two Down Two To Go
Pick your favorite pictures from the video...
Concerned Citizen
Doon Duberry, PFRT Developer

"Paul Ryan dances the turkey"Paul Ryan does the turkey

Shocked Man
John 'Jonny Boy' JohnBoyd, John Cleaner

"Joe Biden massages wife's shoulders (or woman who looks just like her)"Joe Biden Shoulder Massages Woman


Jim Perkychest, Bouncer

"Paul Ryan has the Justin Bieber effect on a supporter (or he's squeezing her hand too hard)."Paul Ryan has the Justin bieber effect

Old Gipper
Newt Oldbird, 18th member of the Beatles

"Joe Biden tries to part the debate table in front of him Moses style. He fails."Joe Biden calls to God in debate

Ape Man

Jane Trouble, Foot Inspector

"Paul Ryan does the Parkinson's shimmy."Paul Ryan does the Parkinsons shimmy

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