Oct 25, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Talking Whale Imitates Human Voice

Whale Dooo Bi Dooo
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Jim Geronimo, Fish Fancier

"I don't think they can better jumping out of the water and hitting a bell with their nose."

Shocked Man
Ken Nuggets, Inventor Of Chicken Nuggets

"If you played that in an old peoples home a few of them would join in."


Fred Machismo, Fish Sauce Chef

"That isn't a whale, it's a recording of my granddad singing in the shower. Fake and gray."

Old Gipper
Duncan Godfrey, Multi-orifice Kazoo Player

"I could do better with a kazoo sticking out of my behind."

Ape Man

Percy Smith, Penguin Impersonator

"What human sings like that so that the whale can copy him? Whoever it is I bet he wears brown wood pattern swimming trunks."

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