Oct 26, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: So Real It's Scary

Plummet Prank
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Brendan Geromino, Foot Contortionist

"Thankfully all of them looked too fat to fall through the grill. Lucky virtual escape."

Shocked Man
Ken Nuggets, Inventor Of Bear Nuggets

"Highlarious! (geddit?) So, how many middle management elevator passengers had seizures or heart attacks during the making of this video and how much money do they make in a year?"


Jim Gerrymander, Bench press Injury Expert

"Pranksters, I have seen your faces: Next time you go into the dimly lit garage at work to the car ask yourself: 'is this fist flying at your face right now my real hand or a hand in an LED screen?'"

Old Gipper
Cornoleus Brasslinger II, Dried Flower Arranger

"If that happened to me all I hope is that I had my incontinence pants on because I know for a fact that the product from my bowels can permanently stain television screens."

Ape Man

Ped Kneesborough, S*** Slinger

"Speaking as a man who once had to live for 5 years in an elevator until someone came to rescue me... [deleted]"

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