Oct 15, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Ohio Marching Band, Half Time Show

Ohio Wowio
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Coons Drubbery, Ponderer

"All that's missing is a giant pitch sized marching band streaker coming in and running through from the left. (But, please, no-one under 18 in the groin area.)"

Shocked Man
Bing Droopy, Hat Decorator

"I never realised, until now, how much like Gangman Style the old Space Invaders moved."


Jim 'Three Pecs' Daniels, Poseur

"Would the outtakes be funny or boring? I'm thinking, if it was something big wrong, like they accidentally did a tit running across the field, it would be funny, but, if just one person falls over, I'm thinking not?"

Old Gipper
Harry James, Original Member Of One Direction (1957)

"The 'From A Distance' song means so much more now."

Ape Man

Bob Fatface, Taylor For The Larger Richer Person

"I do hope the choreographer isn't behind the scenes working their joystick to this."

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