Oct 1, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Tard The Grumpy Cat

Angry Pussy
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Bernie Loon, Cat Counselor

"... and the choice was between this video and watching Justin Bieber throw up? Are you playing for laughs or what?"

Shocked Man
Perry Berry, Cat Groomer

"That is some angry looking pussy. No pun intended... uuhm.... no, no pun intended."


Fred X Factor, Cat Counter

"Is that Reservoir Dogs playing in the background? Ironic."

Old Gipper
Harry Booper, Cat Critic

"It's just so annoying when someone wants to tickle you on your furry tummy when you just want to lie in bed. I'm speaking as a fellow furry tummy man."

Ape Man

Jim Jumper, Cat Masseuse

"Look at the puss on that puss. Naaaaaaaaa."

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