Oct 19, 2012
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Friday Fight Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Most Realistic Fight Scene Ever

Are You Ready? Fight...?
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Concerned Citizen
Chuck Boris, Tiddlywinks Fighter

"Hardly realistic. It's a prison and there's nobody with a shaved head? WTF?"

Shocked Man
Chuck Duffer, Husband Beater

"After watching this, all I can say is I just hope the UFC never allows knives in their fights. It'll only be a matter of time until they then allow guns. Slippery slope."


Chuck Strangelove, Box Boogier

"For heavens sakes don't show this to Quentin Tarantino. I'm not ready yet for Kill Korean Bill 1-4."

Old Gipper
Chuck Puncher, Openly Buyable Referee

"Someone did the slap on the back of the head move on me about a month ago. My false teeth flew out. Kindasimilar."

Ape Man

Chuck Rammer, Kangaroo Boxer

"Thank you for settling a bet with my friend who said you couldn't cut open your own stomach, take out your intestine and strangle your opponent with it in a fight."

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