Oct 10, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Eye Of The Sparrow - Romney/Obama Debate Spoof

Obama Slamma
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Barry Einstein, Personal Shopper

"I think I got more from this debate than I did the real one."

Shocked Man
Gay Fire, Chocolatier

"It looks like Mitt Romney won the first satire debate too. Howdathappen?"


Prince Harry, Vegas Dancer

"Why don't they eat hotdogs and drink Coke during the debate? It would look much more homely and one of them might burp."

Old Gipper
Ben Tendon, Cattle Russler

"The only solution is to give the host an electric button to give a little electric shock to the debaters if they keep on waffling. I would usually suggest an electrified cattle prod but the old guy mediating this doesn't look like he would be able to lift it."

Ape Man

Fred Gimble, Scooby Doo Expert

"BLR Soundbites should get a Nobel Prize for that Youtube video. Unfortunately they will probably die in a mysterious car crash."

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