Oct 18, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Australian PM Falls Over

Fall Over Down Under
Julia Gillard, the Australian PM, falls over while visiting the Gandhi Memorial in India
Concerned Citizen
Bruce Grilling, Nuance Enunciator

"That grass just cropped up out of no-where didn't it?"

Shocked Man
Bruce Fosters, Power dressing Coordinator

"It would have been funnier had she stood there wobbling about a bit before she fell over. Is she playing for laughs or not?"


Bruce Sausage, Shoveller

"Had the guy in black caught her and then they stood there wobbling about a bit for a second or two and then they both fell over that would have been much funnier. Are they playing for laughs or not?"

Old Gipper
Bruce Sheilabarbie, Fashion Critic

"Honey, take off those high heels before you walk on the grass. Eeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh no you didn't!!! Eeeeeee!!!"

Ape Man

Bruce Berry, Instant Barbeque Inventor

"I have a feeling that Gandhi would have appreciated that."

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