Sept 28, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Worst Death Scene Ever

Turkey From Turkey
This clip is from a Turkish film called Kareteci Kız (Karate Girl) with added arghs for effect (actual clip is here).
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Concerned Citizen
Peter Pan, Kentucky Fried Chicken Herder

"I have been to Turkey and I can confirm those are the actual hairstyles I saw there too."

Shocked Man
Pete Pent, Film Stunt CoOrdinator

"All that and he missed an opportunity to crash through a mirror. It's not like he's getting any more work for the next 7 years after that performance. Is he going for laughs or what?"


Billy Willysmith, Futurologist

"Karate films would all end much sooner if they just shot each other. It's a shame this didn't catch on."

Old Gipper
Neairy Fromage Dentist

"As a dentist may I just add that if everyone said aah like that it would make my job much easier."

Ape Man

Bob Burt, Dental Hygenist (Machines that go buzz)

"If his aim was to not get blood on the bed it was a complete success."

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