Sept 11, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Sleepwalking Mom (Tomato Cage)

Sleepwalking Mom
Mom Sleepwalking (Tomato Cage)
Mom's Reaction to her Sleepwalking Video
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Jim Honeybeam, Dream Analyst

"I'm having the exact same Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes dream myself. You go girl, putting them in a cage is the only way to stop the bastards."

Shocked Man
Brian Plusher, Dream Critic

"Hurry. Copyright that dance move at the end before the WWE get it."


Jack Flesher, Dream Worker

"I hate tomatoes."

Old Gipper
Hugh Mustapher, Naked Sleepwalker

"It is remarkable how often you can get away with walking about a hotel at night completely naked if you tell them you were sleep walking when security stop you."

Ape Man

Gerald Ratty, Dream Denier

"Yes. Tomatoes are squashy. Personally I would cage the cucumbers, much more pointy."

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