Sept 6, 2012
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Viral Video Have Your Say: The Mad Men Rick Roll

Ask Astley
Mad Men Perform Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Harry Shaftless, Cameo Artist

"They give you warnings about flash lighting, but not warnings about hard editing like that! So, if I got an epileptic fit from watching that video how much could I get? I just broke a vase. Someone's gotta pay."

Shocked Man
Bung Crabtree, Peanut Farmer

"I can just imagine the person who edited that needing, like, three words to complete the video and it was getting near to the end of the last series and they hadn't said it and then they did... Now, that must have been some geek party."


Percy Nuggets, University Lecturer of No Fixed Portfolio

"That is the most complicated Rick Roll in history. Not sure whether to say kudos or swear fruitly."

Old Gipper
Shirley Wayne, Pugilist

"Hmmm. It just doesn't work does it? No. Sorry you spent the last three years making the video, but it needs 80's fashions not 50s fashions. No, you should have used That 80's Show."

Ape Man

Barry 'Crazy' Bricksmith, Knife Thrower

"I promised to kill the next person to Rick Roll me. I'm coming around... maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but sometime. Start running in every direction."

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