Sept 17, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Drunk German Boards Boat Fail

Boat Fail
Most hilarious drunken jump ever! 
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Perry Fantastic, Car Body Repairer (Spray Paint)

"Just when it was looking to be going so well for Andy Murray this happens."

Shocked Man
Jimmy Hart, Car Body Repairer (Dent Puller Outer)

"It's simply terrifying that Germans laugh hysterically like the rest of us. Not for children."


Graham Delaney, Car Body Repairer (Invoicing and Debt Collection)

"It would have been much funnier had he hit his head a couple of times, once on the boat and once on the dock, tried to catch hold of the dock - held it for a few seconds looking into the camera for help and then realising he wouldn't get any help, and then eventually falling into the water. Is he playing for laughs or what?"

Old Gipper
Abraham Blinken, Car Body Repairer (Appraiser and Valuer)

"That is actually a clip from my dock get fit workout DVD. It works the abs, the butt and the Knöchel muscles."

Ape Man

Jimmy Fisher, Car Body Repairer (Tea, Coffee Maker)

"Yah. Das ist blinken funny!"

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