Sept 21, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Deadpool vs Gangnam Style

Gangnam Geriatrics
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Doug Balletgirl, Conceptual Dancer

"That's my kind of dancing: Two falls or a submission to decide."

Shocked Man
Buzz Honeybee, Dance Counselor

"It's like pole dancing but without the pole. I am assuming the guy dancing isn't Polish. [Ooooo, stagger,] I'm having a Mitt Romney turn."


Ned Drefus, Dance Hypnotist

"If you replace the music with the Spiderman theme it works just as well."

Old Gipper
Harry Shnell, Retired

"I'm going to start a Gangnam Style dance class at my old people's home. The dance looks like most of my friends getting out of bed in the morning so we are half way there."

Ape Man

Gary Doolittle Human Statue

"Why the ref lets him get away with stuff like that is beyond me."

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