Sept 18, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Baby Bunny - Parry Gripp

Bunny Whunny Ahhh!!!
Baby Bunny - Parry Gripp
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Benny Doolittle, Rabbit Herder

"If you listen carefully at the end of video you can hear "I am Mr Bunny and I approve this message." Clearly this is a campaign ad."

Shocked Man
Harry Dog, Rabbit Inseminator



John Grape, Lettuce Marketing Board

"Dear Sir,

I work for the Lettuce Marketing Board. May I please use the clip of your bunny whunny eating a leaf of our product please? I will pay you with a poem that rhymes at least once."

Old Gipper
Gill Pendleton, Animal Impersonator

"I feel like putting on my bunny rabbit suit onesie and running about the kitchen eating lettuce after watching that. Shame the mouse got in there somehow."

Ape Man

Gary Giblet, Rabbit Fluffer

"Some of the worst lip synching I have ever seen. Youtube is really going down the pan."

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