Aug 27, 2012
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Video Of The Day: Watt Zap Olympics Special - Have Your Say

Sports Funny
One of the funniest sports videos on the internet. From Eurosport, enjoy it before it's taken down.
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Fred Kardashian, Reality Star

"They completely missed the Brazil silver medallist in the green uniform who looked exactly like Kermit The Frog standing on the silver medal podium, one step below the gold one, playing Half Way Down The Stairs. Daymn."

Shocked Man
Harry Prince, Naked Exhibitionist

"What about the badminton match where both teams were trying to lose, playing Firestarter by The Prodigy."


Puncher Jones Body Sculptor

"I remember they covered a bodybuilding contest I was in once and played Oiled Walnuts Stuffed In A Bronze Condom. Bastards."

Old Gipper
Jenson Doolally, Critic

"Where were the shot putters? They could have played Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen."

Ape Man

Harry Armpits, Monarch In Exile

"Mitt Romney watching his tax write off horse in the Dressage and they play Tax Man by The Beatles?"

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