Aug 23, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Walking Into Stuff

Head Thumps
Have you ever walked in to stuff...? These people have:
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
John Grisham, Orthopedic Surgeon

"0:21 - Look on the bright side Prince Harry - it could have been this much worse."

Shocked Man
Stephen King, Masseuse

"So, this 15 minutes of fame... does it start when you walk into the camera shot, or when your nose hits the window, or when your ass hits the ground?"


Mr Hartley, Fly Fisher

"I think we have all learned today that safety unbreakable glass is 100 times funnier than the glass that breaks. I do hope they are using that as a sales point."

Old Gipper
Bernie Jet, Elton John Tribute Act

"[Hushed - David Attenborough-esque voice] ...and, so, we see, at 1.54, a young man's nightmare shopping for women's clothes begins..."

Ape Man

Bendy Arms, Tightrope Walker

"0:52 Simon Cowell - if you are looking for the next television sensation this is it. If the guy just hits his head on the window and falls backwards that is hilarious, but if he goes straight through the window like that it is spectacular. Yes, just like the plot line to X Factor but sporty."

Times quoted at the front of the comments correspond to the times in the video, above.

Warning: If you are going to try this at home make sure you video it.

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