Aug 10, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: The Blonde Russian Roof Walker

Roof Walking Special
Russian roof walker...
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Harry Sheher, Diplomat

"It looks like she's wearing a safety harness by the way her boobies have lifted like that."

Shocked Man
Mary Longstocking, Anger Manager

"If she is speaking in Russian why are they beeping it? Is it because she is swearing in English? If she is swearing in Russian then why bother beeping it - who would know? It just makes me furious."


Clouseau Genieve, Old Movie Buff

"According to Google Translate the F-word in Russian is ебать. No wonder they beeped it, it's a disgrace."

Old Gipper
Barry Honeymaker, Beehivist

"See, this is where men are better than women. A man's center of gravity is around our testicles, a woman's center of gravity is around her titties. I say, more power to her elbow for this stunt knowing that."

Ape Man

James Pussy, Cat Lover

"I would love to see the out-takes for this one."

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