Aug 28, 2012
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Viral Video Have Your Say: World's Greatest Drag Race 2

Drive Crazysafey
2.4 million viewers in 4 days makes this a viral superstar:
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Fred Flintstone, Nail Banger

"It's like Fast and the Furious but Vin Diesel has a beard, a belly and a hint of man boobs. Much more realistic."

Shocked Man
Barney Rubble, Adrenaline In The Heart Injector (Pulp Fiction style)

"Call me old fashioned but a race just isn't a race without the Yeeharghhs!!!, the Duke's of Hazzard horn music, the well bosomed women jumping up and down in skimpy bikinis, and the cracks of the mechanics popping out of their ill fitting jeans."


Top Cat, Escapologist

"Hmmm. I was expecting Lily Savage in heels. America what are you thinking?"

Old Gipper
Bruce Wayne, Solderer

"Who put that plastic red bollard there at 2:44? Ha, that's not going to stop anything."

Ape Man

Luke Skywalker, Astroturfer

"So a black car won a race? How is that news these days?"

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