Aug 15, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Dog Eats Cabbage

Doggy Veg
A dog wants a cabbage baaaad...
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Horace Badgerbater, Dog Chef

"Am I the only one to be concerned at the gas this mutt will be pooting in about 6 hours time? 600,000 viewers in 5 days excellent, a lifetime's worth of doggy farts in five minutes and he'll have control of your house. Is it worth it?"

Shocked Man
Percy Catnap, Dog Hypnotist

"Dog eats cabbage = not news. Cabbage eats dog = news."


Barty Stumblelink, Dog Counselor

"Is it just me or does anybody else want to kiss him on his wet cabbagey nose?"

Old Gipper
Jake Oldtymer, Dog Watcher

"The power of advertising. I fancy me some cabbage with my Korean roast dog for lunch after watching that."

Ape Man

Jimmy Japes, Dog Catcher

"And you expect me to have sex on that table after the dog has done that?

OK, bring the cabbage flavour Haagen Dazs."

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