July 26, 2012
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Londinium Olympisaster 2012: Do You Know The Difference Between The North And South Korea Flags?

Bungle Games

Londinium: You join us here on the morning after the first day of competition and still 36 hours before the official opening ceremony of the Londinium Olympisaster 2012 (due to copyright laws we are not allowed to call it the London Olympics 2012, oops).

At a football game at Hampton Park, Glasgow, the organizers put up the South Korea flag instead of the North Korea flag before the North Koreans played. They stormed off in a strop but returned to play an hour later. But do you know the difference?

North Korea South Korea
North Korea Flag South Korea Flag

We asked our panel of experts if they knew the difference between the North and South Korea flag?

Concerned Citizen
Mitt Angry, Bolshevik

"One of them can hypnotise you if you spin it fast, the other one just gives you a headache."

Shocked Man
Mitt Armstrong, Political sexologist

"I don't know. Is Kim Jong Un's fat face on the North Korean one?"


Mitt Lampoon, Cricket wicket maker

"The South Korean flag has bar stripes on it - you can actually get it to ping if you scan it at a supermarket checkout."

Old Gipper
Mitt Oldman, Yeeharist

"One is stripey red and blue with a star, the other is red and blue with black squiggles. It is such a shame that the annual Glasgow Whiskyfest coincides with the Olympics - I foresee a riot."

Ape Man

Mitt Pussywillow, Angrigator

"One looks like a flag, the other looks like a red and blue fried egg with overcooked bacon bites at the side. Even a drunk Glasweigian should know that."

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