June 26, 2012
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Entertainment In Turmoil: 'New One Direction' Boy Band To Sue Both One Direction And One Direction

Cowell In Court

From The Entertainment Litigation Channel: Following on from news that US California based band One Direction are suing the Simon Cowell One Direction, a new band, New One Direction, has confirmed that it is going to sue them both.

New One Direction was created during a recent lull in drug dealing in a Baltimore development in what could have been a scene from The Wire. The band has four members, Jimmy 'The Strangler' Schmits, Ben 'One Punch' Green, Harry 'Don't Move' Battersly and Ricky 'Not That One' Gervais.

Claiming to be the roughest, toughest, punchiest boy band in the world, New One Direction claims that One Direction and One Direction are clearly trying to rip them off and they want a fight, either in the "court or down a back alley, tooled or untooled, just bring it."

Whilst technically a boy band as they are all under 22 years of age, all members of New One Direction are over 6ft tall and more than 235 lbs.

We understand that Simon Cowell's team have been told of the claim but we have been unable to find out what they plan to do next. But a person involved in the case told when we called them last night: "New One Direction and One Direction are not the same name. Can't we just live together?"

A spokesman for New One Direction, however, told "We are looking for a fight and whether this goes to court or it ends up in a back alley One Direction and One Direction's days are over."

In other news:

The Daily Mail website asks if Harry Styles kisses Niall Horan on the stage (or even on his ear) [link] in this video here:

One Direction parody

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