June 24, 2012
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Hollywood Election Special: Josh Brolin Looks More Like Mitt Romney Than He Did George Bush Shocker

Election Update

Josh Brolin, who played George W Bush in Oliver Stone's Dubya, looks more like Mitt Romney, Hollywood insiders were forced by to admit today.

Josh brolin Mitt Romney

One aging school bus monitor told,

"I have just seen those pictures and it sent a shiver down my spine. Josh Brolin is Mitt Romney, plain and simple."

Teenage Political-Geek Mashup experts are already downloading copies of the Dubya film to alter into Mitt Romney movies, we have been told.

The hazing scene, the scene when he throws a baseball and the dream sequence where George Bush Sr challenges him to a fight in the Oval Office are all scenes likely to make it into the new Mitt Romney film, it is thought.


Apology: We would like to apologise for an earlier article in which we referred to Mitt Romney as "Willard Romney". This was due to a wikipedia related incident which we don't want to talk about. We are happy to acknowledge that whilst the man you know as Mitt Romney is actually named Willard Mitt Romney, Willard Romney sounds like a stupid short sighted cartoon character or maybe a president from about 200 years ago.

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