May 22, 2012
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Have Your Moan: Facebook Shares Have Gone From $42 To $32 In Just Three Days...


Facebook ("Fadebook") was one of the biggest IPOs in history, but the shares have now fallen 15% in two days from the closing price on Friday of $38 to about $32 when this was written (the shares hit $42 at one point on Friday - so that would be a 24% fall to $32).

Concerned Citizen
Mark Zitterbug, IT Support

"If Facebook shares continue to fall by 15% every three days it will be the same size as the puppy in this video by the end of next month:


Shocked Man
Mark Zuckershmuck, IT Analyst



Mark Zlackerberg, IT Developer

"JP Morgan would have a wet dream over just a $10 loss."

Old Gipper
Mark Zlartybardfast, Douglas Adams Appreciation Society

"I have a short position in Facebook and I have made $5 profit per share so far. Actually I have a short position in all of my stock at the moment and, incidentally, yes, I'm only 4ft 1in tall, no jokes please."

Ape Man

Mark Torrent, Software Debugger

"I have found a website that gives everyone a free Facebook share. Free Does anyone know if that's a genuine website?"

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