May 17, 2012
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'Todas Las Notas' Soap Update 1: Mitt Romney Look-A-Like Character Faces Urgent Brain Operation

Soap Update

Today begins it's exclusive coverage of the popular long running Spanish language soap opera Todas Las Notas.

Todas Las Notas

Episode 7,867: Mitt Romney's look-a-like, Dr Harvard Win, the chief surgeon at Comodidad del Hospital, has been told he needs a brain operation after a series of fainting spells of increasing severity and dangerousness (he was recently saved by Nurse Horesa just moments before he was about to fall head first into an open heart surgery he was leading on one of the more important investors in the hospital.)

But, in spite of the alarming increase in the number and severity of fainting spells, Dr Win is determined to continue in his usual 'as usual' way...

Importantly, Dr Win is determined to address a convention he is due to host despite falling to the ground, unconscious, only the day before the convention is due to start.

Dr Win, Todas Las Notas
Dr Win - Todas Las Notas

But things then start to get even worse: in Monday's episode teetotal Dr Win's speech starts to slur as if he was drunk.

Determined to continue even though he sounds drunk and keeps collapsing all of a sudden, Dr Win consults his medicine cabinet and finds a solution that he believes can get him over the critical convention period in his 'no fuss and nonsense' kind of way, content in the knowledge that a life saving operation can be carried out by a world leading, Nobel award winning, surgeon on his way right now...

Dr Win, Todas Las Notas
Dr Win

But, unbeknownst to Dr Win, Dr Miguel De Cassaterra, the world renowned brain surgeon, who has agreed to perform the life saving operation, has been detained after a local drug lord planted drugs in his car. The race is on to free Dr Cassaterra, who is the only person who can save Dr Win in time...


Dr Miguel De Cassaterra, the world renowned brain surgeon - Todas Las Notas
Dr Miguel -


This summary is just one of the story strands of long running Spanish language soap Todas Las Notas Correctas, Pero No Necesariamente En El Orden Correcto. It is translated into over 50 languages and is screened to over 70% of the non English speaking world. exclusively covers the main strands of the soap to the English speaking world.

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