May 16, 2012
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Mitt Romney Look-A-Like Stars In Spanish Language Soap 'Todas Las Notas'

Soap Update

Spanish language soap Todas Las Notas (shortened from the original Todas Las Notas Correctas, Pero No Necesariamente en el Orden Correcto) began in 1965.

Whilst Todas Las Notas is virtually unknown to English speaking viewers, it is translated into over 50 languages and is screened to more than 70% of the non-English speaking world.

The show has a long history of casting look-a-likes in key roles, both local and world politicians, including, famously, a George W Bush look-a-like as a drunken playboy interested in boozing and loose morals, during the period 2000-2008.

Mitt Romney's look-i-like character, Dr Win, is a chief surgeon at the Comodidad del Hospital.

Dr Win joined the Comodidad at a difficult time for the recently rebuilt hospital. He was one of the first new doctors on the scene after a plane had crashed into the operating theatre that killed 5 of the regular characters.

Dr Win won the hearts of the surviving doctors and nurses as he worked senselessly hard without caring for his own welfare for over 64 hours, helping those in need and even a few bystanders who had turned up to do a little rubber necking at the carnage.

Dr Win: popular on the golf course with men Dr Win: Leads round of applause for his staff un sarcastically
Dr Win - Todas Las Notas Dr Win - Todas Las Notas
  Dr Win: Discusses emergency joint operation for Katarine and her pet dog Chuffy (he successfully performs the joint operations himself, saving them both)  
Dr Win - Todas Las Notas

Tomorrow: Todas Las Notas update. Dr Win's fainting fits require medical attention... but who can help the hero doc?

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