Apr 19, 2012
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And The Results Of Our Mel Gibson Latest Rant Sweepstake Are...

Frazzled Gibson

Congratulations to the three winners of our Mel Gibson rant competition who all get a personalized "f*** y** m*****er" performed by a well known Mel Gibson impersonator and sent as a message to their phone or to an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.

All three entrants correctly predicted the following words, in the correct order:





Who wants to eat?




All three winners will also get a life size model of a Blue Tit garden bird, hand made out of sugar (a sugar tit.)


Here's a reminder that it's still not too late to enter our What Happens To Mel Gibson Next competition.

Remember that when one of the following things happens then the competition ends.

Select your what happens next from the following list:

Mel Gibson goes missing from his yacht in an apparent suicide, but more likely an attack by Israeli secret service

Mel Gibson is beamed up by a UFO

Gibson calls a police officer "Sugar Tits" for a second time.

Gibson converts to Judaism.

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