Apr 12, 2012
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Two More Scary Things You Should Know About Mitt Romney

Mitt Pitts has discovered two scary things about Mitt Romney by looking at a page on popular internet weblopedia wikipedia.

The first fact is the strange way Mitt Romney signs his name:

He includes the mystical symbol pi in autographs of his first name:

Mystical symbol pi: pi
Mitt Romney signature - wikipedia

A well respected expert in cryptic hand writing told

"The pi symbol is a well known secret sinister masonic sign only the most senior echelons of secret masons know the full terror behind what it means."

And the shocking revelations continue:

Mitt Romney's Dad, George, worked for President Richard Nixon as his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The Watergate scandal, which eventually led to the resignation of Nixon, started in a building during George Romney's term in office...

Mitt Romney's Dad with Richard Nixon
Source: wikipeda

Have your say:

Concerned Citizen
Albert Hitler, Mystical Historian

"The signing his name pi thing could just be coincidence. But this new evidence that his father was in charge of buildings at the time of Watergate should be investigated thoroughly before it's too late."

Shocked Man
Barry Moby, Read a Dan Brown book once

"Maybe that's why Newt Gingrich is still in the race - he's waiting for all this to come out into the open."

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