Mar 5, 2012
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World Voices: Vladimir Putin In Tears As He Wins The Presidency. Have Your Say

Bawlin' Putin

Vladimir Putin seems to cry as he wins the election:

Putin Cries


Puting cries - detail

Have your say. 

Concerned Citizen
Big Bob Jr, Office Manager

"Funny, I would have expected the tears to come out of his left eye."

Shocked Man
Billy Joe Jim Bob, Red Neck Impersonator

"Is it a signal? If any planes fall out of the air in the next 24 hours we'll know who's responsible."


Mitch Baywatch, Breast Beater

"There's a fly in his eye that AP have photoshopped out. Damn you liar western media."

Old Gipper
Harry Pantaloon, Personal Shopper

"Blue eyes with a brown coat? I would love to hear what the Russian fashion columnists think about that."

Ape Man

Ben Werewolf, News Reader

"No longer Bad Vlad.

He's now Sad Vlad."


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